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  1. Tap the Devices tab
  2. You are now viewing the Active devices. If the device you ar looking for is not on this list, scroll back to the top and tap the Inactive list and find your device there
  3. Tap in the Device Name and Info area of the device (formerly the Blue Pen icon) for the device you want to edit and assign to a user
  4. If you want, change the Nickname of the device to whatever you like
  5. Choose whether this is a Master Device
     (if checked, this device will remain online even when the main Pause Internet button is tapped on the Home screen.) 
  6. Select the User from the drop down list
    (user must be created already)
  7. Tap Save

More Information

Below the fold

The lower two-thirds of the Device Details page will give access to a few more options and some static information that could be helpful in troubleshooting.

  1. History is a feature that will be released in the next few weeks
  2. Port Forwarding is required for some advanced server and game configuration has its own article here:

   3.  The Device Name is the network name reported by the device itself. Unfortunately, there's a lack of strong standards being followed in the industry which results in no name. When this happens, Aerez will populate this field (and the initial Nickname field) with the IP of the device. 

   4. The Device Status displays whether the device has been actively sending and/or receiving traffic on the network recently and if it has it will be shown as ACTIVE.  If the device has not been active recently, it will show as INACTIVE.

   5. IP Address is the Internet Protocol Address of the device. No two devices can have the same IP Address on your network, so this is a unique assignment.

  6. MAC Address is a unique identifier for a device and should be different for every device in existence with only a few deliberate exceptions. 

  7. Finally, the Last Seen status will show how long ago the device last used the network.

Pro Tip

You may have noticed the IP Address is blue and is in fact, a clickable hyperlink. We've done this for every device to allow you easy access to device hosted content. 

For example; many printers have menus that will give the owner current status information including things like ink levels, paper status, configuration, etc. If you're not sure if your device has one, just click the link and give it a try. If it doesn't you'll just get an error page.

Other devices that often have menus are:

  • Connected Home Stereo Receivers
  • Smart Televisions
  • Baby Monitors
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