Quick Start Video


  1. Tap Settings
  2. Tap Network Settings
  3. Select Primary WiFi > On
  4. Enter Network Name
    (This is your previous or new SSID. See More Information below)
  5. Set Password Protection to On (recommended!)
  6. Tap Save

More Information

There are two main ways to configure your Primary WiFi Network settings

  1. Keep your old WiFi SSID (Network Name) and Password
  2. Start with a New WiFi SSID and Password

1 - Keeping your old WiFi information

This is perhaps the easiest way to transition to Aerez if you previously had a WiFi setup on your home network.  The concept is you will use the same SSID and Password so that all of the devices you already had connected to your network will be able to reconnect automatically without you having to input your network information in each one again.

There are situations where you might not want this to happen, though. We'll discuss those here

2 - Creating New WiFi information

If you never had a WiFi router before, then you will be creating a new SSID Network Name and Password.  The instructions in the video will work the same, just enter the name and password you desire in each field.

Even if you had a WiFi network before, you might want to start using Aerez with new network information. I found this method useful to take inventory on all the devices in my house. You might find it useful too if you have a significant number of devices on your network. We've found most of our users have 20-30!

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