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  1. Tap Users 
  2. Tap the [+] at the top right of the screen
  3. Enter the Name for the user. Any name you like.
  4. Select whether the Child-Friendly Filter is On or Off
  5. Select the User Type,  either Adult - Child - Media - Guest
  6. Tap Add

More Information

How users work for people

The users feature simply allows you to place your devices into groups. Generally, you’ll want to use this to assign all the devices that belong to one person to a user named after that person.  

Let’s look at an example:

Susan owns a phone, a tablet, and a laptop. You would create the user Susan and then from the Device Information screen for each of her three devices, you would assign them to Susan (See How in This Article

This way the user type, filter and bedtime blocker settings you assigned to Susan will apply to all of her devices automatically. Even any devices you add later. Also, you’ll be able to see usage statistics for Susan across all of her devices*. And of course, when you tap Pause Internet for Susan, all of her devices will be paused immediately. 

Users can be things other than people too

When you first register your Aerez account, we make a few default users - Guest and Media - to get you started.  Media is preconfigured as a Media User Type with the Child-Friendly Filter set to On.

This is where you may want to assign devices like Apple TV, Chromecast devices, Smart Televisions, Gaming Consoles, etc.  The Media User Type tells our software to optimize the network specifically for those devices to eliminate buffering and lag.

I like to create a user for my Internet of Things (IoT) devices. I name the user Home and add the smart devices like the thermostat, smart light bulbs, garage door opener, etc.  This helps me keep them all organized and allows quick access if I want to manage one of those types of devices. And just like with people, I'll be able to see usage statistics for the group as a whole*.

Use Users how you like

These are just a few ways to use the Users feature. We're proud to present this as a unique feature that we've not seen anyone else in the industry use. If you have a different way of using the User feature, let us know and we'll share it with the community

* denotes feature is currently in beta

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