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Aerez handles Port Forwarding at the device level.

  1. Tap the Device tab
  2. Find the device you want to enable Port Forwarding for on the Active or Inactive device list
  3. Tap the Blue Pen icon to go into edit mode for that device
  4.  Tap the Port Forwarding link
  5.  Tap the [+] in the upper right corner or the ADD NOW link
  6. Enter the Port Number or Range in the field and tap Add
  7. You can add more than one entry, so multiple ports and/or ranges

More Information

To Port Forward or Not To Port Forward, that is the question

Aerez is fully UPNP compliant, but unfortunately, UPNP is not infallible and not every device is built in compliance with the standards either. In these cases, you may have to enable port forwarding. Most of the time an online search for the particular device will confirm whether this is needed.

Here are some examples of devices that may require port forwarding:

  • Microsoft Xbox
  • Security systems
  • Home servers

If you're not sure if your device needs port forwarding enabled, send us a message with all the device information you have, and we will help you figure it out to the best of our ability.

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